Sculpturs Gallery

Gallery 1 greets with the object of a colossal image of sand stone Surya , a reconstructed chariot wheel and the sculptures of Varaha, Trivikrama, Narasimha of Chlorite stone from brick temple of the Sun Temple complex.
       In the adjoining hall of gallery 2, a few scenes of reconstructed temple wall along with two large celestial musicians, animal, motives and dikpala figures are centre of attractions besides Pancha devatas in one platform.
        Gallery 3 contains two celestial stupendous figures homaging Surya and two fantastic animals, Gajalaxmi panel are remarkable. Further Narasimha Deva worshipping the triad (Shivalinga, Purushottama – Jagannatha and goddess Durga) in one platform is very remarkable which signifies the religious harmony during the 13th century.
        The newly organized gallery has been coined as gallery 4 which contains the figure of the king witnessing dance scenes, the marching elephants, the erotic figures and the show-case contains the celestial kanyas on various postures etc. The visitors have the scope and opportunity to study the ancient cultural values in depth as well as enjoy and entertain.

The Tourists & visitors are requested to be aware of the following facts:
* This heritage is ours. Its message is universal, preserve it and prosper.
* The present generation has a sacred duty to preserve and pass on safely the natural and cultural treasures to the future generation.
* Cultural heritage is not only a Nation’s trust. The whole world has the right to see that it endures.
* Inform the nearest Archaeological Survey of India office about any ancient structure/site/sculpture in your place and seek guidance to preserve it for the posterity.
* The museum remains open from 9am to 5 pm on all days except on Friday.
* The entry fee to the museum is 10 rupees per head and children below 15 years are allowed free admission.

* Please Contact Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, Bhubaneswar Circle or Assistant Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Museum, konark in case of any query through Phone No. 0674-2573068/06758-236822, email:-,

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