Preserving the Heritage

Architectural edifices are the outstanding landmarks of the human civilization. They are created most perfectly and beautifully. In their rhythmic contours, one observes the great ambitions of men of those days, influences of environment and the traditions. These structures reflect the skill, creative imagination and aesthetic sense of the architects and sculptors, which transcend the barriers of space, time and pantheon and mesmerize not only the contemporary people but also the later generations of all countries. Besides bestowing immense delight to one and all, these edifices infuse in us a sense of pride and inspiration on our future endeavours. Having understood the significance, the UNESCO has proposed the protection and preservation of such outstanding architectural specimen located all over the world. The Sun Temple Konark is one such monument in India which has been inscribed in the world heritage list for its outstanding contribution to the humanity.

          The human relationship with cultural and natural heritage is considered more valuable than any other relationship. Because heritage encompasses many aspects of human life and environment. Heritage management is the need of the hour as it is essential for cultural and spiritual regeneration of masses. The areas of activity today demand preservation, interpretation, presentation and documentation of our culture in its totality.
         Hence we have to create awareness for safeguarding our great and precious monuments and sites which we have inherited. Self awareness is essential for nation building and our self-awareness is rooted in our heritage. Our efforts should be directed towards making people aware of their heritage because many aspects of human life, cultural and environment are enshrined in our ancient heritage.

Archeological Museum Konark