The museum serves the purpose of the visitors in every field not only in education but also helps in creating awareness about our ancient culture among the masses how to protect our heritage. It educates the youth of the day about the site, environment, cultural ethos as well as the ethical values of the ancient days.
       The monument is enlisted along with other edifices of the world cultural heritage by the UNESCO in recognizing its outstanding contribution to humanity in the field of art and architecture not only in the Indian context but also in the international sphere. The museum which is part and parcel of the Sun Temple in which it plays a pivotal role in conveying the message of the past glory to the public in the field of education and culture. The museum is further trying to keep the ethos of our culture intact by way of exhibits, audio-visual shows and information Kiosk etc.

The fallen architectural pieces and sculptures focused the attention of the scholars and the government how to preserve and protect them not only from sun and rain but also from human vandalism that led the way for the creation of a museum. The Archaeological Museum is now the product of this thought and action to convey the message of the aesthetic and cultural grander of the times by the presenting them on scientific display methods in the galleries.

               The collection of the sculptures, architectural members from the complex, got preserved in the complex then shifted to the present building in 1968.

       Presently, this museum is consisting of four galleries and corridor with open verandah where the blowups of various monuments of Odisha have been displayed for the public benefit. The fourth gallery was opened in 2004 only. The Museum greets the visitors with the chart of development of Oriya script from the earliest script Brahmi of Asokan period and gradual development till 13th century. The visitors may have to see the plan of the temple as well as conjectural scheme of temple before entering to the gallery 1.

Archeological Museum Konark