In the Kapila Samhita the place has been referred to as Maitreya-vana. The same text describes the legendary account regarding sanctity of the place and construction of temple. According to tradition, twelve hundred masons were engaged for construction of temple for twelve years. Twelve year’s revenue of the state had also been utilized for completion of this magnificent edifice.
       The main temple complex consisting of rekha sanctuary, pyramidal jagamohana and a pillared nata-mandira. The face of the high plinth on either side is carved with twelve pair of wheels justifying the designing of the temple as a chariot. The twelve pair of wheels otherwise symbolize the twelve months of the year. In front of eastern flight of steps of the jagamohana originally installed the Aruna-stambha. The pillar has been removed to Puri by the Marathas for installation of the same in front of Simha-dvara of Jagannath temple at Puri.

Archeological Museum Konark